May 3, 2016

Purpled Links

You have declared
An unconditional surrender to the artifices of synthesized light and sound:
Waves of photons crumble the structures around your resolve,
The pixels glowing and fusing
And humming through veins like an electromagnetic amphetamine,
Smoldering in the vertex of every numbed out nerve ending
And slumbering in the desires of every paralyzed cortex,
Waiting for one more hit of propaganda-fueled buzzword wish fulfillment
Dripping with the nectar of guaranteed ad revenue,
Margined with spray-tanned flesh and the marginalized wishes to stop, to power down,
To pry your attention span back out of clickbait paradise,
Dulling the pins and needles that prickle at your legs, which no longer move,
And your eyes, which cannot be still;
As the tabs collapse, windows into the strange lives of a million strangers flicker before you,
Your consciousness ensnared in the unfamiliar and the familiar,
The eternally scrolling repetition of the same and the different,
The antique and the brand new for only $19.99,
The edifying and the crippling,
The childish and the pornographic;
Search a different engine, let the servers groan and rust,
Let the sirens outside blare and the sirens inside sing,
Interrupt the rhythm of bookmarks and purpled links throbbing against your softening skull
And your bloodshot irises and your aching temples, which you have profaned;
With rivulets of binary residue gradually dissolving from your hemispheres,
How difficult can it be to walk away?
Find somewhere with pine and arching hills and immense horizons, and

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