September 16, 2015

We Children of Daydreams

Leave us not stranded,
We children of the sea,
On barren flats or windswept shores,
By slopes or haggard trees.
The swelling dunes, the aching plain,
The furthest crags of rock
Cannot swell and ache as we,
The ocean’s rolling flock.

Leave us not swaying,
We children of the earth,
On distant waves or briny coves,
Over fathoms or in surf.
The bitter depths, the biting gulfs,
Cannot bear our feet;
We long to walk the untried shores
And tread untrodden fields.

Leave us not marooned,
We children of the sky,
On stinging rock or foamy crests,
In dirt or salty tide.
Let us glide above the cloud,
Where birds would quake to go,
And soar through gilded sun-born rays
Toward starry peaks untold.

Leave me not entrapped
In earth or sky or sea,
But loose my spirit from my will
And set its daydreams free.