February 8, 2014

A Soul Unmasked

The stage, it was her earth
The limelight was her sun
The audience was her family
The character and she were one

She wore many masks
And all of them were real
Her face was carved in wood
Her soul was carved in steel

She sensed the people’s smiles
She felt the people’s tears
She neglected for a while
Her dark and gnawing fears

One day she donned a mask
That clove tightly to her skin
And she found it would not budge
To show her face within 

So each day became an act
In a never-ending play
Where every time she took a bow
She gave her soul away

When her hair had turned to white
And the color of her eyes
Was forgotten in some corner
Of her old and fading mind,

She was asked by a woman
With eyes filled up by youth
And a heart filled up by passion
And a mind filled up by truth,

“How are you to smile
With lips of golden pine
How are you to weep
With eyes so deep enshrined?”

And when her heart grew cold
When her lungs had ceased to breathe
They pried away the mask
And found no face beneath.


  1. Nathan, did you write this? I cannot explain how fantastically in awe I am right now.

  2. I did, yes. And thank you!! :D